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We sell custom pins and other sci-fi collectables through our shop. As our name says – Everything Is Negotiable. If you don’t like the price, send us an offer.  We love the art of the haggle.  No reasonable offers are refused.  The more you want to buy, the better your deal. Package options to give you the best experience are our speciality.

We also love our repeat customers and always give you great deals and bonuses when you come back or send us a referral.

We are big into the Comic and Sci-Fi Convention scene and will be posting all the pictures / videos from the events we attend.  Check out our blog for updates on what we are doing.

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Current to do list

This is what I have on the agenda for the next few months.


We just launched our Patreon!! We have 3 tiers - Youngling Knight Master Each level comes with their own benefits including free pins, early access content, and monthly discount codes. Please join us in supporting [...]

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